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Business Analyst
📊 Really an Analyst 📊

Okcoin is hiring a
Business Analyst

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for monitoring ROI data, digging out the reasons, outputting suggestions, and cooperating with relevant departments to solve problems
2. Be responsible for daily / weekly / monthly reports and other routine reports, and provide in growth team data support;
3. Coordinate with business team, engineering team data team and so on, be responsible for the results, and ensure the delivery progress and quality
Job requirements: 1. 2022 graduates or 1-2 yrs related working experiences. Domestic top10/ overseas Tier1 bachelor degree or above, English can be used as the working language;
2. Finance / Mathematics / statistics / data analysis or computer related major is preferred;
3. Internship experience in business analysis is preferred; Internship experience in competitor company is preferred;
4. Proficient in using axure/sql/python; Good presentation and analytical report writing skills;
5. Good problem finding / solving skills, high data sensitivity, able to complete data analysis and provide solutions from the perspective of how to guide the business;
6. Interested in the digital currency / blockchain industry and participated in it to a certain extent, including but not limited to relevant work experience / primary and secondary market investment /dfi mining, etc.
工作职责: 1、负责ROI相关核心指标数据监控,分析挖掘异常原因,输出建议,并协同相关部门推进问题解决 2、负责日报/周报/月报等常规报表输出,并协助业务决策提供数据支撑; 3、跨部门协调和沟通,与业务部门/研发/产品等团队紧密合作,完成数据基础和数据平台建设,对结果负责,保证交付质量 任职要求: 1、应届毕业生,两年工作经验以内supernova,国内TOP10/海外Tier1 本科及以上学历,英语能作为工作语言; 2、金融/数学/统计学/数据分析或计算机相关专业优先; 3、有商业分析相关实习经验优先;友商实习经验优先; 4、熟练使用axure/sql/python;良好的表达和分析报告撰写能力; 5、良好的发现问题/解决问题能力,数据敏感度较高,能从如何指导业务的角度完成数据分析并提供解决方案; 6、对数字货币/区块链行业感兴趣,并有一定程度的参与,包括但不限于相关工作经验/一二级市场投资/DeFi挖矿等等。"
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