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MLOps Architect
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Brainly is hiring a
MLOps Architect



SALARY: 26 000 – 40 000 PLN gross/monthly


There are more than 300 million reasons to join Brainly — one for every student you’ll help go from questioning to understanding. Team up with us as we build and continue improving one of the most popular ed-tech products on the planet. In a world of questions and uncertainty, you can be part of the answer as we shape the future of learning and change lives, one student at a time. If this excites you, you know what to do next.

Let’s get to know each other. And get ready to make a difference!



The AI Services department represents a major investment toward the vision of implementing an AI-powered Predictive Intervention platform. The platform will enable every student to receive tailored recommendations satisfying their current and future educational needs, and provide successful and specific learning paths.

In order to get there, we are building the fundamental pillars of our AI strategy by having dedicated teams owning different systems of our technology portfolio.

In ML Infra team our vision is to give every machine learning practitioner at Brainly the tools and the know-how required to excel. We pair the unique challenges of the Brainly organization with the expertise and the standards about how machine learning should be developed and operated at scale. We provide the infrastructure, best practices, and knowledge to enable other technology or product teams to develop novel product features and internal services using machine learning.

The ideal candidate is an enthusiast of educational technologies with a background in digital products development and a blend of coding, machine learning, and natural language processing skills.



Architecture design and practices generalization 

  • Collaborates with ML Domain Lead, Director of AI, Delivery Managers, Tech Leads, and ML practitioners to
  • architect & implement machine learning engineering & MLOps patterns for a seamless transition from research to production. Especially: ML models training, serving, observability, maintenance, and integration. 
  • research & develop company-wide processes, policies, protocols as it relates to data science & machine learning


  • Act as a dedicated consultant and training resources to other product or technology teams developing or interested in ML initiatives.
  • Provide support in the form of recommendations, tailored workshops, and access to resources to ensure other teams success with machine learning related objectives.
  • Educate Brainly employees on the topics related to Data Science & Machine Learning.

Stakeholders management

  • Align multiple technologies and product teams, and business and management stakeholders on ML best practices.
  • Establish and evangelize high-quality standards about methodologies, tools, infrastructure, architectures, and design patterns, for implementing efficient ML solutions at scale.

Team leadership

  • Guide the team in technical decisions and be accountable for their success and quality.
  • Coordinate the work breakdown, sprint-level planning, and day-to-day team operations.
  • Lead by example, showing how to get things done and being among the top contributors of the team.
  • Technical mentoring and reviews (code and analysis).
  • Contribute to the definition of the team roadmap and deliverables.
  • Plan and estimate technical capacity and efforts required.



  • Bachelor’s degree or above in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) or a similarly quantitative field.
  • 6+ years experience, or a comparable industry career, with machine learning, data mining, or statistical modeling.
  • Proven technical leadership of complex data science teams or machine learning projects involving multiple roles and/or teams.
  • Experience maintaining deep learning models in production.
  • Working knowledge of Python and the PyData stack or other numerical programming languages.
  • You are someone who has a deep appreciation for understanding team growth and you can share this passion to motivate the team and the wider organization.
  • Good theoretical background on modern ML techniques, especially deep learning for NLP and Computer vision. 
  • Terraform or other IaaC frameworks (e.g. CloudFormation, SAM, Google Deployment Manager, serverless.com or similar).
  • CI/CD tools (e.g. GitHub actions, AWS CodePipeline, Travis, CircleCI, DVC/CML or similar).
  • Logging, debugging, monitoring, alerting tools (e.g. Elastic stack, DataDog, AWS CloudWatch, Sentry, AWS X-Ray, Thundra, NewRelic or similar).
  • At least some of the data and cloud infrastructure technologies such as Spark, DataBricks, Glue, EMR, AWS Batch, AWS Lambda, Postgres, key-value stores, Redshift, Snowflake.
  • At least some of the deployment and orchestration technologies such as AWS StepFunctions, AWS Sagemaker pipelines, Seldon, KubeFlow, Tensorflow Extended, AirFlow. 
  • Fluent in English.


  • Contributor to open-source projects and/or technical blogs.
  • Ph.D. or research experience in machine learning fields.
  • Strong theoretical background on at least a few among high-dimensional classifiers, regression models, clustering algorithms, recommender systems, time-series analysis, Bayesian inference, text analytics, knowledge graphs, representation learning (embeddings), computer vision, or social network analysis.
  • At least some of the data analysis and visualization tools such as pandas, dask, vaex, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, dash, bokeh, shap, streamlit.



  • We want to see you grow along with us – you will have 800$ per year for personal development, extra time for attending conferences and workshops, and unlimited access to an online learning platform (courses from Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Harvard ManageMentor, and many others!)
  • Health is important, which is why at Brainly, we fully cover private health & dental care packages for you and your family and provide you with a sport card (Multisport Plus in Poland, Andjoy in Spain) 
  • You will also get an access to online individual psychological consultations with professionals in English & Polish via the Mental Health Helpline
  • Flexible working hours – working requires communication, so we work within the European business hours, but we also know that life may be unpredictable, so if you need to jump out of work (doctor’s appointment, emergency, anything) – no problem!
  • Your personal concierge AskHenry will support you in your daily duties, eg. planning your dream vacation
  • We will provide you with all the necessary equipment & tools, including an additional budget for accessories which will make your remote setup even more comfortable.
  • You can join internal communities and contribute to charity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, take part in great internal events or represent Brainly at conferences or meet-ups.



Brainly is the online learning platform where over 300 million students and parents go from questioning to understanding. With their smartphones, users can snap a photo to instantly solve any problem or homework question and be matched with a Brainly product such as Community Q&A, Brainly Tutor, Math Solver or Textbook Detective. 

Brainly is built to provide students, parents, experts, and teachers with a collaborative platform and tools needed to succeed in any educational environment. Based in Kraków, Poland, with U.S. headquarters in New York City, Brainly apps and websites are visited by users from over 35 countries.
Backed by Prosus, Point Nine Capital, General Catalyst, Runa Capital, Learn Capital and Kulczyk Investments. Learn more about Brainly at www.brainly.com

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